Our environmental policies

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As a responsible stakeholder in the events industry, GL events has been engaged for several years in a sustainable development policy, in particular through the implementation of the "Think Green" action program and the formalization of a Code of Ethics and Conduct encouraging a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

GL events Venues, a specialist in event facility management, made this commitment a reality in 2012 by deploying an ISO 14001 certification process integrated into the operational management of its French sites, in order to:

  • Meet the expectations and needs of its stakeholders,

  • Limit environmental impacts and prevent pollution,

  • Ensure site conformance in a demanding regulatory context.

This approach also responds to an increasing demand from our customers when it comes to the choice of their event site. Our main challenges are related to:

  • The management of waste produced on site before, during, and after the event,
  • Energy control of buildings, considering the specificities of each building and technical and economic constraints,
  • Optimization of water consumption in buildings,
  • CO2 emissions related to our activities


Répondant aux standards de la norme ISO 14001 depuis 2012, le Palais Brongniart est le tout premier Monument Historique certifié pour sa démarche environnement.
Mathieu Roux, Directeur Général du Palais Brongniart


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